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It’s a big, bloggy world out there, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite blogs.  While my first choice of worlds to explore is the natural, physical world (a nice leisurely stroll in the woods is the most inexpensive therapy) not the cyber-world, there are a lot of wonderful places online to check out.  I need to figure out how to make a “blog roll” on this site:), but until I do I’d like to occasionally share a few of my favorite places in the online world that I think our readers would enjoy.  Here are a few for starters:

Little House Living:  this website is a wonderful collection of hints, recipes, and musings about living a more self-sufficient life. It’s very much in keeping with the Amish ethos of self-sufficiency.  Whether you want to make your own candles or your own 7 day meal plan, Little House Living keeps it simple and accessible. I check this site out almost everyday and you should too!

Moose Musings:  You’d think this is a blog from someplace north, like Maine or Vermont, but it’s not. Quite the opposite.  This is a neat food blog by former food editor Debbie Moose where you can partake in tastiness with a southern flair.

Chiot’s Run:  My wife got me started on this site.  It’s a wonderful repository and resource for simple, self-sufficient living from the view of an off-the-gridish couple who recently moved from a suburban enclave in Ohio to 153 acres of pristine Maine backwoods.  One word from me: ENVY!:) I love, love, love the gorgeous state of Maine….

Harvspot:    Harvey Yoder was raised Amish.  He is now an ordained Mennonite minister and a marriage and family counselor based in Harrisonburg, Virginia, home of Eastern Mennonite University.  He is has a real reservoir of wisdom that has helped me weather some tough days.  Excellent reading on this site!

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The Discussion

  1. LOVE Chiots! Have been reading her for years and all of the tips Susy and her husband write about are easy; her recipes are great too!

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  2. Becky Martin says:

    Thanks, Kevin, for sharing these. I especially like Little House Living and Harvspot.

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