A Look At Homemade Summer Sausage

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Lovina wrote in her recent column about making homemade summer sausage. Lovina describe the summer sausage making process in a recent column:

We use Dad and Mom’s Canadian summer sausage recipe, which calls for 66 pounds of hamburger, 33 pounds of sausage, 5 pounds of white sugar, 4 pounds of salt, 1/3 pound of black pepper, and two ounces of salt petre.┬áSince we couldn’t find salt petre, we asked a local meat market for another cure to make summer sausage. We are hoping it will work just as well. We will refrigerate and mix daily for three days or so, and Joe will then smoke it in our smoker. My Dad would always smoke the sausage in a smokehouse he had built.

Now I thought i would show you some summer sausage that Lovina made:


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