Adams County Diary: Revisiting Keim Family Market

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CAPTION: Pure Bavarian creme goodness at Keim Family Market!

The hills of Adams County, Ohio are my sentimental favorite destination for all things Amish. When you live in the flat, rather topologically boring area of Ohio that I live in and only 90 minutes away is an almost unrecognizable world of rock-ribbed hills, deep valleys, and rippling creeks, it is difficult not to be drawn to the area. The Amish were first drawn to the area in the early 1970s and ever since the community has flourished. One of my favorite stops is the Keim Family Market.  The now sprawling complex was started by Roy and Mattie Keim selling baked goods out of the back of a buggy in the early 80s.  I remember that time well.   Over the years Keim Market grew, but still retains its charm.  The bakery – which is now a bulk food store, bakery, deli, and outdoor furniture outlet – was sold several years ago and is now run by Dan Miller.

“Business is good, we’ve been blessed,” Dan said when I talked to him on Saturday.

I asked him if the bakery had any new goodies and he pointed to an empty doughnut case (It was almost closing time on Saturday) and said “I wish I had some of the big doughnuts to show you.”

“You mean those aren’t the big doughnuts,” I said surprised, pointing to a row of ample saucer-sized glazed doughnuts.”No, no our Big Daddy Doughnuts are much larger” he said, shaping his hands into the form of, oh, maybe a spare tire.

“We reformulated our doughnut recipe a bit and we just can’t keep the big ones on the shelf,” Dan marveled.

Rachel sampled a raspberry turnover (I’m not a huge raspberry fan) and I opted for a peanut butter creme horn.  Wow, oh wow.  And while there was no “Big Daddy” to buy, we did get one of the smaller doughnuts which is the same formulation as the tire-sized ones.  And, yum, these smaller doughnuts are mouth-melting glazed gluttony. There were some other goodies like the Bavarian creme-filled caramel frosted doughnut pictured above. I was teasing and tempting the Amish Cook Facebook crowd with photos of these goodies over the weekend.  Pictured here  is a “cream stick” frosted and glazed on the outside, filled with white cream on the inside.

If you have not seen my video tour of Keim Family Market taken a couple of years ago, click here to watch.

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The Discussion

  1. Yum how I would love to have one of those delicious looking donuts waiting for me with a cup of coffee when I get up in the morning. ahhhh heavenly bliss. Grandma’s can dream too I guess. Ya think.

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  2. Oh yum! I’d want a bite of each kind w/my coffee. Thank you very much.
    Sounds like the early bird gets the big doughnut.
    What time do they open?

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  3. Go here all the time, and their bakery items are wonderful…..haven’t seen the Big Daddy Donuts tho…. Love their turnovers too , everything we have bought here has been awesome…..

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