Amish Bird Symposium Lunch

The Amish Bird Symposium
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I’ll be posting lots of neat photos and stories from the Adams County, Ohio Amish community in the days ahead.  But tonight I thought I’d just share lunch with you:)   The Amish Bird Symposium is a wonderful annual event (which I’ll post more about also in the days ahead in case anyone wants to attend next year!) held in the Wheat Ridge Amish community in Adams County.  One of the highlights of the day, admittedly, is the Amish-made lunch.  The meal is prepared by Clara Yoder, a resident of the Amish settlement.  Preparing a meal for 300 people? No sweat!  Most Amish homemakers can whip up a meal for that many people without blinking an eye.  They have a vegetarian buffet line and a “meat line.”  Vegetarian meal line is much shorter:).  The meat entree is a lunch-meat and chicken-noodle soup while our line enjoyed a veggie pizza and tomato soup.  Both lines got homemade chocolate chip and pecan crunch cookies (i grabbed one of each). Everything was DELICIOUS!

The Amish Bird Symposium The Amish Bird Symposium The Amish Bird Symposium The symposium is held in the Wheat Ridge Amish Community Building. The building is used for all sorts of functions. Such buildings, while not used for church services, are becoming increasingly common in Amish communities.  The building has a makeshift kitchen for functions like today’s.  The bottom photo shows a little bit of that.  And you can figure out what the other two photos are (admittedly, I felt silly photographing my plate).

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The Discussion

  1. Heather D. says:

    I feel silly when I take pictures of my plate too but, nothing is better than sitting down to eat and hearing your child say, “She’s taking a picture of her food again.”

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  2. Every year I say I’m going Bird Symposium, then it slips my my until I read something about it somewhere after the fact. I love Adams Co. I don’t know if the tornado hit close to Wheat Ridge. I hope not.

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