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AMISH BUGGY RIDE VIDEO: I was at a picnic in Indiana over the weekend and one of the Amish men in attendance, a gregarious fellow named David, was nice enough to offer buggy rides to some of the non-Amish children.  It wasn’t a planned thing, there were just some boys admiring his buggy and soon David was hitching up his horse and offering to take people out on the road.   Buggy styles differ from place to place and these are interesting gray-topped buggies imported from Lancaster County as seen above.  Just before Rachel and I were leaving the picnic I went up to David to ask him some questions about his buggy.
“Well, you can do more than ask, get in, I’ll give you a ride.”

“…sure,”  i finally said, not wanting to be impolite but also not wanting to leave Rachel back at the car waiting.   I had told her I’d be back in just a sec.  Oh well, I’ll just text her telling her I’ll be back shortly.  Good idea, except I forgot she had given me her cell phone earlier in the day to hold since she didn’t have any pockets.

So here is a quick video snippet of David and I out on his buggy.  I’m explaining to him how my video phone works and then we talk about sharing such a busy highway with buggies, trucks, and cars.

Click here for a second clip from the buggy where David talks about once being sideswiped by a semi.

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