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For the vast majority of Old Order Amish, church is held in private homes.  That’s a remnant of the early days of the Amish religion when they were persecuted and forced to go underground (not literally, but figuratively).  To this day, most Amish worship in their homes so that such persecution can never be repeated.  In a few locales, however, the Amish have begun adopting use of church buildings (Unity, Maine, for instance).  In other places, the worship is still done at home but “community buildings” are gaining in popularity for large gatherings and events in the Amish church.

This is one such community building that the Amish in the Crofton, Kentucky community use.  One such use here is serving once-a-month meals to the community as a fund-raiser for church needs. Such multi-use facilities have sprung up in Amish communities like the Wheat Ridge, Ohio settlement, some in northern Indiana, and elsewhere.  They are used for things as diverse as potlucks to school events, and wedding meals. Notice i the large tractors parked outside. Such farming equipment is allowed in that church, a reflection of its very progressive use of technology.

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