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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Becky wellington

    It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. It is a great place for a vacation mmBvky

  2. Kentucky Lady

    OMG, Kevin this is the place to go if you have never been there…..there are NO automobiles on the island and the FERRY is the only way to get there, unless you have a boat…..
    There are some beautiful homes there, some are summer homes only, some are lived in year round….and some BIG SHOTS as we call them live there….you gottta have money to own a home there……but it is absolutely wonderful…..the GRAND HOTEL was in a movie that was filmed. there…..but can’t remember just what it was now…..but was a good movie….will think of it later lol…..Rachel would probably love it there…..they have good food and fudge too……many places to eat on the Island,and you can stay in a hotel on the Island, but they are way expensive….best to do like Lovina and stay in a motel before you go to the Island …much cheaper……
    That place is a must for everyone to visit…….you will not be sorry……..

  3. Kentucky Lady

    “SOMEWHERE IN TIME ” was the movie filmed at the GRAND HOTEL on Mackinaw Island, with Christopher Reeves & Jane Seymour……it was a great movie………

  4. Marie

    I’ve always wanted to visit Mackinac Island. I’m glad the Eicher family got to enjoy it. I have a grandson with special needs and one of his needs is that he has difficulty with walking. Like Loretta, he has a hard time keeping up with the rest of us. In fact, he ISN’T able to keep up and uses a special stroller, even though he is eight years old. And we get a lot of stares, too, when we’re out and about, due to his special needs, so I know how Lovina feels. I have to dig deep down sometimes to find it within me to forgive those who are rude with their stares and whispers. Also, like Loretta, my grandson finds joy in being in the water. His body, which fights him on dry land, moves more freely in the water! I can only imagine how it must feel. Please let Lovina know I enjoy her writing and I thank her for sharing her life so openly, since I know it’s not the Amish nature to do so.

  5. brenda

    really enjoyed that the family got to have a nice weekend. our special needs grand daughter has Down syndrome and with that extra chromosome comes a battery of issues. she definitely goes at her own pace and at times it is STOP. The rudeness of others as experienced by the Eicher family also comes out with special needs people.
    How much fun that must have been to be invited to spend a cousin time with the two aunties !!!!!!!!!!!!!I am curious about what sort of things they got to do.
    also, it is not Lovinas inability to grow flower it is the medium they are in. Hanging baskets always have such an appeal but they dry out so fast and all the good nutrients pour through when watering. I am not able to offer any good advice.it is just a bit hazardous hanging in the breeze and drying out so much. I have been tempted to have faux in the hangers and the living ones in a more gentle location

  6. J

    What a beautiful place. Have been there many, many times in my youth. You are correct that few of the residents that far north have experienced the Amish. Most people on the island, however, are not from northern Michigan but from all over the Midwest and beyond. A little further south we see the Amish now and again but mainly see the Mennonite. Cadillac, a bit further south from us, see a few more Amish as there is a small settlement in that area of the state. Unfortunately, when we hear about the Amish it is usually on the news when a buggy has been hit. They keep a very low profile but lovely people. I think more Amish would be attracted to our area if it wasn’t for the out-of-sight, astronomical price for land here. Our Mennonite population seems to have dwindled, too…..not sure why.


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