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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Diana H

    Mmmmm, just the thought of freshly fried onion rings makes my mouth water.
    Even though I am supposed to avoid fried foods because of my cholesterol,
    I may make a batch of these.
    Glad to hear that Verena’s health is improving, if slowly. The years do pass
    quickly as our children grow, but it is fun to reflect back on their births and
    other milestones in their lives,
    I recall my mother hanging out sheets on wintery days so they’d have that
    fresh smell, and all of the other laundry in the basement for a couple of days.
    Then having to sprinkle and iron everything. That’s one chore I don’t miss. Glad we have dryers now and no more dampness in the basement. Mother
    has passed on and I am sure she doesn’t miss the old days of laundry either.

  2. lorraine stoddard

    Happy Birthday,Verena! Glad to hear that her health is improving. My family likes onion rings,so,I’ll try this recipe for them.

  3. Christine

    Happy Birthday Verena.

  4. Wendy S

    Incredible memories of the birth of your daughter. It is amazing how each birth can be so different. Happy birthday Verena. I too have a December birthday.

    Thank you so much for the recipe for onion rings. They are a favorite and prefer them over french fries any day… especially when made by fresh by hand.

  5. mtnpirate

    Happy birthday to Verena! This past summer, returning to Maine from N.C., I passed through Quarryville, Pa. which is right off Rt 81. I went into Good’s Store looking for drying racks as mine at home are getting rickety. How pleased I was to find that Red Hill Woodworks supplies Good’s with sturdy, well made racks using 3/4″ dowels. These are the best I have ever found so I bought two large ones. Score!


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