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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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    My windows really need a wash, but we have about two feet of snow yet on the ground, and the air temperature is below freezing. Burning wood dirties the windows faster, both inside and out.

    My sewing machines need help, too, but no one seems to do that kind of repair work here now.

    I think you could lighten the calories and fat in this recipe by making a white sauce instead of using the heavy cream, with skim milk and corn starch for thickener.

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      Linda from KY

      I used fat free evaporated milk but kept the flour.

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    pat rizzi

    I have been wondering about solar power for the freezer and refrigerater for some time now. Is there a special kit to buy for this? If so where could one be bought?

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    I think I’m going to make 1/2 of the recipe and pack it for my lunch at work. My husband and grandson would not eat it, picky eaters so taking it to work for my lunch sounds really good.
    The way Lovina describes things makes you feel like you’re almost there with her.
    I live in central Illinois and we have a small Amish settlement that some of the families relocated from Arthur Ill. We go down to an Amish dairy farm every other week and get raw milk. Once when we were getting milk I was telling them about one of your books that I had and Mr Kaufman the dairy farmer said he knew Lovina’s mother.
    Have you been over to the Cuba, IL area to see this group? They have a dairy farm, country bulk food store, general store, furniture store and a nursery that are open to the public. We ordered and got our living room end tables from the furniture store they run. The things are excellent quality and are very nice people. The only place we have not visited yet is the nursery and it should be opening real soon. We plan on getting 2 apple trees and our garden plants from them. I like to buy local and was so pleased when we discovered this group. I get all my bulk items and spices from the little bakery/store. The first Saturday of every month she has fresh yeast donuts. You have to get there before 10 or you will not get any. The grand kids take turns going down with us enjoy the donuts and enjoy getting to see the dairy farm. The Kaufman’s are the nicest people and don’t care that the kids look around at all the animals. If you get over this way drop in the Cuba/Lewistown area and you will enjoy your visit; small but oh so very nice.

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      Paula, thank you so much for your post. I’m not familiar with the Cuba community, but I’ll definitely make a point to check it out next time I am out that way!

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    Patrice Anita

    Great column, as usual!

    I am wondering if you know that there is an Amish special on PBS tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 8 p.m. I have been hearing about if for about two weeks on NPR and am anxious to see it.

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      Patrice, thanks…and, yes, we’ll be talking about it in real-time on the Amish Cook Facebook page tomorrow during the special, should be good viewing!

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    Constance Ross

    What do they do when the weather is bad? Do they use a battery backup?

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    I have an early 1900′s model Singer sewing machine that needs some tension work done on it. Anyone kow of a good place to have that done in Michigan? I also would be interested in the solar powered freezer, we don’t have a freezer yet, but are thinking of getting one.. The soup recipe sounds delicious. I will make that this week. Thank you for sharing Lovina

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    I so enjoyed Susan’s column published February 27th – just wanted to say what a nice job she did filling in for Lovina. I look forward to this column every Monday in the South Bend Tribune.

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      Thank you, Jane, and welcome to Amish Cook online!

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    Linda from KY

    That recipe is making my mouth water! If I make it tomorrow I’ll let you know how much my family likes it, that is if you care to hear.

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      Let us know how it turns out!

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        Linda from KY

        I just finished making it. I should probably have let the soup in my bowl cool a bit, but I couldn’t wait. It is delicious!

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    Can’t wait to try sounds yummy.


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