Amish For The Birds?

amish for the birds
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My wife likes birding, and, of course, I like the Amish.  So the annual Adams County Amish Birding Symposium in Ohio is an event tailor-made for us.  I think I say the same thing every year, but it’s so true. I love the peaceful hills of Adams County and the very traditional Amish settlement that spreads through the hollows there.  I hope to see some of you there!  This year the event is on March 3. Has anyone among us here attended the symposium besides me?  If you’d like to go, here is the registration information.  The symposium is a fun mix of Amish and English, with a neat slate of speakers each year.  There’s usually an Amish birder among the speakers, which is always interesting.  And there is a lunch made by the ladies of the Wheat Ridge Amish settlement. The lunch is always delicious.  A field trip to Adams Lake State Park at the end of the day always attracts Amish children riveted the latest bird optics.  Birding and the Amish are a logical combination. It’s a natural, outdoor hobby that is especially suited to the rural areas where the Amish live. During the summer hummingbird feeders are ubiquitous on Amish porches.  A Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter recently spent a day birding in Amish country and filed this fun-to-read report.


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The Discussion

  1. Can you believe I saw several robins yesterday, although I know some males do winter in the area every year, but I am hoping it is a sign that spring is just around the corner!

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  2. Never been there for birding, But I had a freind who used to live on wheat ridge rd, down the devils hill. We always went to visit until his death 5 years ago. I miss the simple and beauitful life he had there.

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