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“Amish Furniture” is big business as people trade off the reputation that the Plain People have as expert craftsman.  I’ve always said that if I were going to buy Amish-made furniture I’d travel the back roads of an Amish settlement and visit one of the Mom and Pop furniture stores.  In my opinion, the smaller the shop better. With so many things, whether it’s furniture or food, mass production squeezes the flavor out. This video is from an Amish-owned furniture store on the back roads of Hardin County, Ohio somewhere around the Mt. Victory community.  It’s called the “Tinker Toy Shop”, I think.   They sell all sorts of hand-made toys and furniture. SIGH, I shouldn’t tell the name because now everyone will go there and buy furniture and they’ll lose the charm.  But, really, if you want Amish furniture this is the type of place to go.  Click here to watch the video.  I just think when it’s father and son, the owners, making the furniture on the premises they’ve got a lot invested in the creations so you’ll probably get something second to none.

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The Discussion

  1. Linda Clark says:

    Thanks Kevin, We have a few Amish made pieces and love them. Would gladly replace some “other” pieces with Amish ones. They are really all beautiful and so well made. I loved the small childrens chairs in this video. Awesome! 21/2 days to complete a chest? WOW! they are really good!

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