Occasional Series: Amish Home Tour – Montana; Holmes, and Milroy…

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This is one of my occasional posts about Amish homes.  There is no “typical Amish home.” There are typical homes for a particular area, whether they be Amish log homes common in Montana, the traditional two-story white clapboard farm houses common among the Amish in settlements like Geneva, Indiana and Kalona, Iowa, and even brick elsewhere.  But there are always exceptions even in areas where certain home styles prevail. The homes reflect the character of their communities.  More prosperous settlements feature homes that are well-kept with manicured lawns, flower-filled beds, and bountiful gardens. Take a look at this gorgeous greeting visitors get at this Amish home in St. Ignatius, Montana’s Amish settlement.  This seems to be a more prosperous community and the homes reflect it, with welcoming flower beds and homes that are spacious and sprawling.  But welcoming flowers aren’t limited to St. Ignatius, take a look at this beautiful adobe in Holmes County’s Amish community. Even though such striking beauty is natural, you still usually won’t find this type of arrangement at the most ultra-conservative Amish homes.  Swartzentruber Amish, for instance, generally live in homes that are more barren.  But it’s not just Swartzentrubers, often very conservative communities don’t put a lot of effort into exterior appearances.

Beautiful, flower-filled greetings aren’t limited to homes in St. Ignatius, look at this gorgeous scene outside of an Amish home in Holmes County, Ohio.

This Amish home outside Milroy, Indiana’s Amish settlement is more a traditional Indiana farmhouse type of dwelling, but it still looks pleasant and inviting on the outside. More Amish homes in upcoming posts!


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  1. How inviting and makes me look forward to spring

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  2. Mary Lee Parrish says:

    Their homes are always neat and clean. Wish more people would take a little more pride in their homes. I love to see the gardens and envy all the fresh vegetables and fruit they grow.

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