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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Christine

    The pasta recipe looks delicious, but I would like to state that cottage cheese is NEVER used in Italian or Italian -American cooking. Ricotta cheese, with is a nicer, smooth texture cheese, is what is ALWAYS called for. It is easily found in all grocery stores. It may seem the same, but cottage cheese is not a real substitute for Ricotta.

    1. Kevin

      Christine, you beat me too the punch…I was just adding a sentence about the cottage cheese to the main text. You are correct!:)

  2. Wendy

    Oh yum. On the ricotta vs cottage cheese debate – I’d rather have it with cottage cheese than not at all!

  3. Diana H

    Actually cottage cheese has much more moisture than ricotta, but I have
    used cottage cheese in some recipes years ago when ricotta wasn’t so
    widely available. It’s not a bad substitute. (my family came from Northern
    Italy and my grandmother cooked in her brother’s restaurant/trattoria for
    many years after WWI)

    1. Sabrina DiGuiseppe

      I am so excited to see this recipe! The cottage cheese was a great diet substitute! I remember a similar one as a kid Grandma made. She was so concerned about health and budget, it was a lower fat alternative. Also it was cheaper than ricotta and so she called it “Poor man’s lasagna”. (anything that was less expensive was labeled “Poor man’s something”!)

      1. Kevin

        You are right, for most Amish cooks – especially 10, 20 years ago when this recipe started making its rounds in their community – cottage cheese was far more accessible that ricotta. Actually, for most Amish, it’d probably still be easier for them to make homemade cottage cheese than try to go to the supermarket to buy ricotta.

      2. Barb Wright

        Homemade cottage cheese is drier than store bought..so it would be alot like ricotta. This looks really good,by the way. Diann did a great job!!

  4. tiffany

    This sounds delicious! My favorite lasagna recipe uses cottage cheese instead of ricotta, and it’s so much better than other lasagna recipes I’ve tried.


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