Amish Mafia Stupidity

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People are definitely watching Amish Mafia, the hit series on Discovery Channel. ¬†Hopefully they are watching it to be entertained and not informed, because the show has no basis in reality. There is no such thing as an “Amish Mafia”, nothing remotely close. But read how this hit show is racking up ratings here.

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The Discussion

  1. I do not think anyone has to worry about this horribly wrong portrayal of the Amish.

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  2. I see your comment. I hope the Lord does not look favorably on those who will be entertained on the pain of others. “. Hopefully they are watching it to be entertained and not informed…” I know what you mean my friend, but, it is mispoken. If our public is now so low to be entertained by the trash to entertain and polute the uninformed…. it doesn’t matter what faith or walk of life you are from. We are gravely in danger at that point.

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  3. @Ted: One doesn’t have to look too far to see what kind of trash the public is entertained by. It’s not a surprise that the series has been successful – people really do stop to stare at car wrecks.

    I do agree with you that nothing good can come of this kind of “entertainment”. The Amish already have enough misconceptions about them, they don’t need these too.

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  4. I was in my doctor’s office this week and had an Amish fiction book with me to read while I waited. The Medical Assistant and I started talking and she asked me about this show. Thankfully she wasn’t thinking that it was even close to being true.

    I hate that there are people who actually think that the show is true and real representation of an Amish community.

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