Amish School – Cambria County, Wisconsin

A visit to Amish school
Amish School - Cambria County, Wisconsin, 6.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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I think a coffeetable book just of Amish-school houses would be a fun read, what do you think?:)  I love looking at them.  To me they are the picture of pastoral innocence, which is why I think the tragic school shooting in Nickel Mines so many years ago was extra-shocking.  Such a spasm of violence doesn’t gel with a place of such peace.  Ever since Nickel Mines I rarely approach and photograph an Amish school while it is in session unless I have permission.  Last thing I want to do is freak out anyone inside who might see some guy lurking around with a camera.  I would advise others to exercise similar restraint around Amish schools. This is an Amish school that we saw in Cambria County, Wisconsin.A visit to Amish school   The school was in session at the time, but we were quite far away using a long-range lens.

Note the cupola on top with a bell for announcing the start and end of the school day.  The metal-roofed outbuilding by the school would be used for to park buggies or bicycles.  Just to the right of the outbuilding, I think I spot an outhouse.  This tidy school is a bit smaller than many I have seen,but still has two-levels.  I’ve seen low-slung one-story Amish school-houses, schools made of log, schools made of metal…Amish schools prove that learning doesn’t need to be high-tech!

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The Discussion

  1. CarylAnne says:

    Hi Kevin, when were you here in Wisc? I looked on a map and Cambria is east of Pardeeville, near Dalton, Wisc where I like to go and visit Amish businesses. I thought of going up there, to-day to celebrate my birthday.


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  2. Happy Birthday!!! And I was there over a year ago…gorgeous area!

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  3. I, too love Amish school houses! They have such simplistic beauty. As a homeschooling mother to special needs twins, I’m reminded to slow down a bit with my kids, let them take their time learning and since we aren’t working towards them going to college, it will be ok if we don’t make it past 8th grade level work. They’ll be just fine.

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