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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Wendy

    I wonder how much favorable laws help these businesses. In my home state, I’ll bet most of these places would be put out of business by regulation and taxes. (The closest bulk food store I’m aware of is 2-3 hours away, in another state.)

    I’d be curious to know how many of the goods are produced in commercial grade kitchens, and how many come out of home kitchens. Years ago my mom made pies to sell to a local diner – no way anyone can do that now. It’s a shame, really.

  2. Sara in IN

    Thanks for the link to the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette story. I’ve been to many of those places and definitely echo your thoughts on E&S Sales.I’m still not sure how I like E&S since it expanded : the produce manager should know enough not stack 50# bags of potatoes bagged in mesh onion bags outside, although I did appreciate the expanded gluten free section.

    Over on the west side of the state, northeast of Lafayette there is a small German Baptist Brethren community from Camden to Rossville and thereabouts. I frequent a bulk store, Maple Leaf Country Store and the 218 Produce Market, out in Carroll County. It’s not the selection of Shipshewana or Kidron, but it’s about 15 miles away versus 150 miles away. Wish I could still eat some of the lovely baked goods though – the cinnamon bread is wonderful.

    1. Kevin

      Sara, welcome to amishcookonline! You are lucky, I am familiar with that German Baptist community and would love to visit! I often find the most “authentic” cultural experiences are enjoyed at the more out of the way locales…the touristy places tend to, well, cater to tourists….

  3. Betsy Thompson

    I live in the area as well and have found the Rossville area to be a wonderful place to visit. Favorites of mine are the Skiles Farm Market and the Flour Mill Bakery. Would you mind sharing the location of the places you mentioned?


    1. Sue

      Betsy, I haven’t been to the Maple Leaf Country Store, but there are signs to it off of Indiana 75, north of Flora and south of Camden. I travel that route a lot on my way from my home in Huntington to my daughter’s home near Jefferson, and I’ve often wondered about that store. Now I’m going to have to make time to stop there! My guess is that the 218 Market is on IN 218 near Camden – must be west of IN 75, as I’ve not seen it. But I come into Camden from the east on 218 and turn on 75…

      1. Kevin

        Sue, good to see you here! Let us know if you stop at that store and what sort of baked goods and goodies they have. If I ever get the chance, I’d love to spend some time in that Old Order German Baptist community….

      2. Sue

        I’m headed that way again on Feb 25th. I’ll try to stop on my way to or from and make a report.

  4. Erik

    Kevin I liked your point about losing the charm especially considering that is a big selling point of the experience of patronizing Amish businesses. I’ve been in a few Amish businesses that have gotten so large they nearly feel corporate. At the same time some big ones manage to hold on to that small scale aesthetic. I actually just ran across this article today about the Indiana markets. Do you know of any urban/suburban Amish markets in Indiana in the same vein as the East Coast Lancaster PA Dutch markets?

    1. Kevin

      Hi, Erik – Can’t think of any in Indiana like the ones in Lancaster Co. Of course there is the Shipshe flea market, but that really doesn’t have much of an Amish ambiance other than its location. There was another attempt to start an exhibition hall with Amish vendors in Shipshe but it crumbled under the weight of the recession….Alymer, Ontario has a really run-down twice-a-week market with some Amish vendors, but I’ve just not run into anything on par with Lancaster County PA Dutch markets out here!

  5. Dianne

    I love Keim’s. We go there quite often. They have the best lemon turnovers ever. They have quite a few things there that you can’t find at other places. I love Adams Co. Amish.

    1. Kevin

      Dianne, welcome to the new website and I am totally with you on Keim’s…love the place! Lemon turnovers??? Sounds awesome, I have never seen those…but I’ll be stopping by at Keim’s in a weeks and will take a look!:)

  6. Susie MacDonald

    Kevin….I live in northwest Ohio about 10 miles east of the Indiana line, and am a “transplanted Hoosier” after getting married to a Buckeye almost 18 yrs ago. I am a subscriber to the Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette and only get it on Sunday mornings. I also live about 25 miles from an Amish community in Grabill, Indiana. There is the Grabill Country Store, which is a big bulk store with all sorts of dry goods in bulk, canned jellies, fruits, cheeses, homemade peanut butter and homemade pies, cookies, breads, and rolls. They even make their own ice cream in the summer…my favorite is the lemon ice cream. They also have a small buffet for dining every day of the week except Sundays, when they are closed. Across the street is the Grabill Inn that is a restaurant with awesome meals. The town of Grabill is planning on adding motels, restaurants, and other establishments to the Grabill area to bring in more tourists. But this is planned for the near future.

    I am planning on visiting Kleim’s Market as soon as the weather moderates. I checked it out online already, and it sounds like a great place to visit.



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