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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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    Barb Wright

    Kevin,I remember a video you shared that showed an Amish wedding wagon. I still think that is an exceptional idea!! How cool that you happened upon this wedding..lucky you!

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    It looks like you were spotted – in the top photo, one little boy looks like he is waving.

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    In Conewango NY weddings are on Tuesday or Thursday, but I have never known of them this early in the season…usually after the harvest in the fall into the winter months. No one has told me this, but I think that Thursday is most common because it gives the family 3 days to prepare and 2 days to cleanup. Also I have known of weddings held at a neighbors place if they have a larger building (shop or barn) than the family has.

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    Zelka Cani

    Thanks for sharing, what an experience to stumble across an Amish wedding. I notice a car in the second picture. Would the Amish invite non Amish folk or family also to their weddings?

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      Zelka – Sure, non-Amish family and friends will be invited….another “non-Amish” contingent found at an Amish wedding would be the “drivers” for the Amish guests arriving from far away who couldn’t come by horse and buggy. The drivers will usually be fed a meal after everyone else is done eating. The non-Amish guests usually will be seated separately from the Amish crowds, that’s not to be rude but it’s just more for everyone’s comfort level. I’m sure there are exceptions to what I am saying, but these are general guidelines. Hope all is well Down Under!:) – Kevin

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    Barbara Weber

    Has there EVER been an Amish divorce?.

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      Barbara about divorce…First of all, I have learned never to say never when it comes to the Amish. Has there EVER been an Amish divorce where BOTH parties remain Amish….I’m not going to commit to the word “never”, but if it has happened, it would be EXTREMELY rare….Divorce is not permitted within the Amish religious framework. Now what you might well see happen – and this is still rare, but it does happen – is an Amish couple splits and one (usually the woman, but not always) leaves the Amish church and joins another…there seems to be more of a framework for dealing with this…However, the Amish church never really recognizes a divorce so a remarriage would be next to impossible. I will say this lack of an “escape mechanism” is a quaint throwback to how marriage used to be, but it can often lead to people feeling trapped in a bad marriage because there’s really no place to go….I’m no fan of divorce, but the Amish just don’t have good ways of dealing with bad marriages.

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    Zelka Cani

    Thank you so much Kevin for your answers to my questions. What a fascinating culture. How neat it would be to get invited to an Amish wedding as a non Amish. It is really nice that they look after their drivers also. Imagine the smells and the tastes of the food being served, all fresh, done from scratch. Yummy.
    Barbara, I was thinking the same thing. I would assume the Amish are quite strict about divorce and I would assume it rarely happens, if ever. Kevin, do you have an answer to this one?

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    Mollie Simpson

    Thank you, Kevin for all your respectful and helpful answers.


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