Aylmer, Ontario

Aylmer ontario
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Aylmer ontario Snow and wind are a winter way of life on the quiet country roads outside of Alymer, Ontario.  Alymer is home to Canada’s largest Old Order Amish population.  Spring and summer feature bountiful produce, temperate climate, and close proximity to the refreshing waters of Lake Erie. But during winter, the area is often plunged into a deep freeze (although relative to the rest of Canada, this part of southern Ontario is still comparatively  mild)

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The Discussion

  1. We used to live near here. Aylmer and St. Jacons environs are home to several Amish and Old Order Mennonite groups.

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  2. They are so lucky. I want to have just a few days of snow. This winter has been cold for a couple of days and then the ‘pineapple express’ moves in and there are a few days of slightly warm rainy days. Very weird. I just want some snow! I live in the Pacific Northwest., Washington State to be exact.

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