Baseball and the Amish, settle down for a long read

Baseball and the Amish, settle down for a long read, 6.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
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The Utne Reader is an old, venerable literary magazine packed with narrative goodies.  Like most magazines it has felt the hammering force of the internet  I hadn’t picked up a copy of the magazine in years and wasn’t sure if it even still was publishing.  Remember the Saturday Evening Post?  I think it’s still around, but more focusing on medicine.  Anyway, I digress. 

The Amish and baseball go together like grilled and cheese or the Fourth and fireworks.  Most Amish schoolyards are home to a dusty diamond where boys and girls participate in spirited games of softball.  In a national pasttime that has been rocked by scandal, bogged down by new rules, and diluted by expansion there’s just a real purity to watching a bunch of Amish teens play the game. It’s how baseball should be, in its most pure form. Fun.

The Utne Reader specializes in long pieces and this article is no different (it’s actually reprinted from the New Republic, another venerable, struggling magazine), I haven’t even gotten through it all yet, but it was a delightful read so I wanted to share it. Click here to read the Utne Reader’s take on baseball and the Amish.

I posted this photo the other day, but this is a scene I captured last year of an Amish vs. English softball game in Holmes County, Ohio.

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