Beard-Cutting Sentencing

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Frankly, I’m a little bored with this story.  Sam Mullet led a breakaway cult from the Amish, orchestrated attacks on others, was found guilty and now it’s time to do his time.  We talked about this on Facebook yesterday as the sentencing was happening, but if you’re not on Facebook here’s the latest to bring you up to speed on the Mullet sentencing.  Others implicated in the attacks also received their punishments, too, ranging from 1 year to 15 years.  I am not defending Sam Mullet one iota, but I do think they may have appropriate grounds to appeal this.  I’m still not convinced that the “hate crimes” statutes apply here, but I’m not a lawyer.   So we’ll see what happens as the appeals wind their way through the courts.

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The Discussion

  1. If you lived among the Geauga Amish and knew all the things that have not been published, your opinion would be different.

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  2. Well, I want to be even more clear: I think Sam Mullet should have had the book thrown at him and he did. Personally, though, I’d go a step farther and say 15 years probably isn’t long enough for his crimes. You are right there has been a lot of unpublished information some of which I am privy to, which is why I am saying 15 years is probably not long enough. That said, my only quarrel is with the “hate crime” designation. I’m not sure it fits.
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  3. mary Rexrode says:

    I wasn’t bored with it, I have been waiting for the news of how much time he got…so this is the first I have heard. I think he should have gotten more time also…as far as a hate crime…seems there must have been a lot of hate in him, so it probably fits. Any other charge would have probably got him less time.

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