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  1. Wendy

    It’s frightening enough in a car to have one of those big trucks following foolishly close!

  2. kentuckylady717

    I agree with Wendy, it is frightening……there is no use in anyone following that close to anyone…..I used to put my brakes on and that would slow them down and tick them off too lol…if I am driving too slow,you’re probably going too fast, so just go around me and stay off my tail…..I absolutely hate tail gaters…….and believe me they are out there….they pass you up and then you meet at the next traffic light……I love it…..I just look at them and think what a Jerk you are…..

  3. mary Rexrode

    If I were the buggy driver I would be getting over to the right as far as possible and let the truck pass…… That is too scary.

  4. Diana H

    That semi looks as though it is pushing the horse and buggy up the hill and
    they can’t pass because of the double yellow lines. At least it doesn’t seem
    to be pulling a trailer, so is biding its time.
    I think it’s creepy to have anyone, much less a huge truck following so
    close, even in my auto. As for tapping the brakes, that sometimes helps,
    but some drivers just can’t stand being behind anyone (my former
    brother-in-law was one of those impatient drivers).

  5. Joy hill

    Truck probably isn’t as close as it appears. If it is I would really slow my horse down! No excuses for it! Buggies have as much right on the road as modern vehicles.

    1. Kevin

      Joy, someone on Facebook suggested what you did, but the truck actually WAS that close…riding the buggy’s bumper practically!

  6. Joy hill

    Then I would have gone even slower, perhaps truck driver would have gotten the message. That’s what I do on the highway. I take my cruise off and guess what? Truckers always back off or I put my flashers on..same result.


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