Beautiful Bainbridge….

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Along State Route 41 in rural western Ross County, Ohio is a thriving settlement of Old Order Mennonites. The community features a general store, a bakery, a craft shop, restaurant, and a produce auction, along with several other smaller home-based businesses.  This area is gorgeous during the summer wildflower season or when the leaves begin to change in autumn.  Ross County is perched on the edge of Appalachia where the flapjack flat farm fields of central and western Ohio run up against the first rolling ridges to the east. If you live in central or southern Ohio and haven’t been to Bainbridge, it’s worth a visit.   It’s kind of a fun irony that the nation’s first dental school was opened in Bainbridge (it’s now a museum) just a stone’s throw from where one of my favorite bakeries turns out such sweet treats. Ahh, irony:)  I posted photos and food shots numerous times from the Country Crust Bakery, which is owned and operated by Mennonite Luke Martin and family.  Here’s some of my family, two of my nieces – Lorelei and Isabelle – and my father, prowling around the baked good section recently.  They’re all overwhelmed by the cookie selection and behind them a deli serves up fresh sandwiches on homemade pretzel bread.  If you visit Bainbridge, you will not go hungry!


I thought I’d share a few more scenes from beautiful Bainbridge. These are two young ladies out and about running errands.  You might be able to catch a glimpse of the Crocs one of them is wearing. I’ve been amazed at how Crocs and Croc knock-offs have transformed the Plain person’s footwear over the past 10 years.  That’s definitely become the go-to summer shoe.



The bicycle is ubiquitous among the Old Order Mennonites here.  Notice the “box baskets” which seem to be on every bike, perfect place to put a few groceries.  There is a ready supply of these produce boxes from the tri-weekly in season produce auctions held in the community.


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The Discussion

  1. Linda Kemmere says:

    would love to see more recipes , love the simple old fashioned cooking . My Grama did a lot of the old German Baptist [from Pa] cooking

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  2. Carolyn Kirk says:

    Very good post and pictures!

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  3. Kentuckylady717 says:

    The little girl in the red shirt, looks like you Kevin :)she could pass for your daughter :)

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  4. lisa Siegwald-Baird says:

    I am from Greenfield which is about 15 miles or so from Bainbridge. It is God’s country with the rolling hills and beautiful farmland.I was at the Country Crust a little over a month ago. I sure love the fry pies !

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  5. gene planck says:

    i was at the auction today buying produce for my brotherinlaw had lots of beautiful produce. tomatoes and watermelons and cantalopes were abundant.A large crowd attended I go about two times a week for great produce

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