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  1. Wendy

    How sad – two families irrevocably damaged by a freak accident.

  2. Dawn Kirk

    Hi Kevin, You stated that it was “accidently” fired,but the other article said “he fired it.” Either way,crazy happenstance as you say..I do believe I read a similar story in an old Reader’s Digest.Another girl, years ago was a passenger in a car traveling along the highway when she slumped over,dead.It was a stray bullet again,from a man firing for some reason (not intended to be violence)Took the police a long time to figure it out.

  3. Diane Adelstone

    I am so sorry for the death of this young girl going home after a gathering.
    It is really ashame that the charges against this man are so fierce. He was a mile away and was cleaning his gun. He accidently caused it to fire and the bullet flew in this girl’s direction and killed her. It should not even be homicide. It should not even be classified as wreckless. It was a terrible accident. At the very most it should be classified as simple manslaughter. Accident sometimes happen. This is a freak accident.


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