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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. michelle

    I don’t thing I could handle an open buggy.

  2. Zelka Cani

    I noticed the registration plate on the back of the buggy. How do the Amish feel about registering their ‘vehicles’, complying with government rules?

  3. Wendy P

    I think I’ll keep my van with it’s heater and cushy seats thank-you-very-much!

  4. Tom

    I took note of your comment “A buggy like the one on the top of this page”. When I was in the Angelica NY Amish community last summer I said to a small Amish boy “that’s a big buggy”. He told me that it wasn’t a buggy, it was a surrey. Shows how much this English guy knew.
    Tom backroadstravellerblogspot.com/

  5. Diana H

    That’s an enclosed surrey and no fringe to be seen.
    I am grateful for my automobile and its nicely warming
    heater. As I get older, I especially an grateful. I recall
    autos not always being equipped w/heaters when I was
    a small child. Now they are standard here in SW Ohio.

  6. Ethan Tudor W.

    Well, if you want to know the truth, and this is from experience…it’s NOT all that bad a ride! Honestly, the “Blanket” is not your normal Horse Blanket, but a heavy blanket, somewhat fuzzy/nappy and it’s heavy. One side is ALSO covered in BLACK Rubber/Plastic, so hence…your lap does not get wet. Between that, the hat, and the REALLY big umbrella’s..it’s really not all that cold a ride in even the harshest conditions. In John C’s Church in Berne, we were NOT allowed heaters in the buggy’s at all, but I am aware that SOME districts DO! I have spent MANY a night on Hwy 27 heading home to the farm on Old Rt 1, Bryant Indiana….(The road is now paved and I THINK it even has a name!) In some of the biggest blizzards Indiana had ever seen, warm and dry as a bone. I will also say this from experience (As for a time I taught in an Amish School off of Queen Rd. outside Intercourse PA, just before I left the Amish for Hollywood for good) The open buggy’s are easier to drive in the rain. It’s easier to see in an open buggy AND Open buggy’s don’t fog up in the middle of a busy intersection. That’s my 2 cents on that. Anyway, glad to share, at least your getting it from the “Horses Mouth” in a way…ask me about my Runaway when the bit broke, just outside of Bern and I almost dumped the entire buggy. That’s a much better story, and ONE of the MANY dangers of driving a buggy at all. Check your equipment…but duh…”RumSpringa”..who cared at the time right……DOH!
    -Ethan Tudor W.
    Actor/Host of The Neverhood Show at BlogTalk Radio
    Also catch me on “The Middle” 8pm (PST) Wed. Night’s on ABC


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