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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Diane

    I did notice the horse rigging was different.

    1. Kevin

      Diane, you are correct…You’ll see some minor differences like that, but I’d base that more on availability of items than any reflection of philosophical differences between the communities…

  2. Sara in IN

    Any thought to doing a “field guide to Amish settlements” ? Setting out your regional difference observations all in one place ? You can really note the differences when you go to Shipshe or big groceries on the east side of Fort Wayne. You might need a spreadsheet to track all the details !

    One style of heart shaped prayer cap seems to be peculiar to the Bluffton, OH area Mennonites, then there’s the black bonnets, many other styles of prayer caps, some differing by generation as well as settlement or settlement origin. Also, the girls who are not yet baptized have their own style of dress – in field guide speak ” juvenile females may exhibit a more colorful plumage and head wear variations which will change once they have become adult church members”.

    You’ve noted the buggy differences. House building patterns are distinct in Indiana : you can look across a landscape and note which houses were built by and for Amish. Adult men’s clothing differences are harder for me to spot, although the young teenage boys in year round watch caps are hard to miss.

    Then there’s German Brethren who also have their own style of Plain. Goodness, this could be a master’s thesis or senior symposium topic for someone in a Mennonite college, ” outward signs of an inward and spiritual grace.”

  3. Barbara Weber

    I’ve said this before, the photos are extraordinary. Who took them?. Make prints. A way to make money. As an artist, who for 35 years, traveled all over, trying to make a living, and failed, I wish I’d had them. There was an artist, Ed Gifford, who sold paintiings of Amish scenes, etc. He did very well. THEN.

  4. Bonnie

    Kevin .. very interesting article .. I will have to ask the local Amish in NC where they migrated from .. and after reading Barbars comment about the pictures .. I remembered that years ago I used to buy a calandar filled with beautiful Amish pictures with the season filling the month .. I sorta remember from the Kidron, Ohio area ..
    anyway, might be a way for you to raise some money ..

  5. Thora Graybeal

    What town does Lovina and Joe live in?

    1. Kevin

      Thora, we don’t give her town location to protect her privacy…she lives in Michigan, though.


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