Buggy Signs

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Pam in Cincinnati emailed me a note about the photo in our banner above.  She said:

“The picture of the buggy sign looks oddly out of place when I think of Amish, I have seen a lot of buggy signs here in Ohio but never one that looked like it had an English rider in a English buggy.”

Pam sent me the photo that appears below:

Buggy signs

The photo Pam emailed me definitely is a “classic”, “traditional” buggy sign that I am accustomed to seeing in Amish areas.  Erik Wesner in his Amish America blog has a whole assortment of “buggy signs” in a post here.  The banner photo was taken in the Canadian Amish settlement of Aylmer. Canada traditionally has had a stronger European influence so I think you are seeing a refection of that in the buggy sign, nothing as elegant as an English carriage:)   As I noted in an earlier post, don’t get TOO used to the above photo because I will be rotating them out from time to time.

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