Calf in a Buggy Box

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I love exploring the backroads of Holmes County, immersing myself in Amish country and just seeing what I can see.  Most often such a drive will be rewarded with a quirky or unusual scene.  For instance, yesterday, I was driving along and saw plenty of laundry on lines.  But at one house on the laundry line next to the standard dark denim trousers and work shirts were some bright flaming red towels.  Just something that catches ones eye in a sea of black and blue.  This was a buggy I was behind yesterday, but if you look closely you’ll see that it’s pulling a little cage with a calf in it. Stay tuned in the days ahead for more scenes and stories from my stay in the world’s largest Amish settlement: Holmes County.  The autumn crowds have cleared and one has the roads to themselves, so it’s a great time to come!

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The Discussion

  1. Barb Wright says:

    It would be nice to go to Holmes cty. minus all the other tourists(since I would be one as well!). I wonder if the calf was going to auction? Perhaps he was just relocating….

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  2. Hi Kevin

    Looking at the buggy closely reveals that this not a normal Holmes Co buggy. The style of the enclosure is Northern Indiana like in LaGrange Co with a bed, like a hack buggy or old buckboard, but they built a small animal cage over the bed. It also looks old, like it just does this one job and nothing else and has done so for decades. I bet that all those calves make it smell real good……

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  3. Rick Rowland says:

    We just purchased land on 515 between Walnut Creek and Winesburg for a small vacation cabin. It is near Trail on a hill. We also enjoy frequent trips to Holmes County and this time of the year is rather nice as activity lessens. Although anytime in Holmes County is a good time.

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