Cinnamon Rolls and Old Christmas

cinnamon rolls and old christmas
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Today, January 6, Lovina and her family are celebrating what is known as “Old Christmas”.  We’ve discussed the significance of this date in past years, but it relates to the old Gregorian calendar and the 12 days of Christmas.  Not all Old Order Amish observe this day. For instance, I’ve spent a lot of time in Berne, Indiana and the Amish there do not mark the occasion with anything special.  On the flip side, just a couple of hours away in northern Indiana’s vast Amish settlement, most do observe the day with family and fellowship.  Take a look at the beautiful spread that Lovina has prepared for the day.

cinnamon rolls and old christmas Above are the cinnamon rolls before frosting is added (yes, Lovina calls it frosting)….those look so good I can almost smell and taste them.  But see below how good they look after the frosting is added!

cinnamon rolls and old christmas And lastly, look at the delicious-looking “Long John Roll” that Lovina also prepared.  Those appear below.  It’s really just a frosted doughnut, all I can say is YUM!

cinnamon rolls and old christmas

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The Discussion

  1. I live in northern Indiana and have been to Middlebury several times to “enjoy” the many foods prepared by the Amish. I’ve tried to duplicate some of their baked goods / meals but they must have a certain touch as mine never turn out as good as theirs!

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  2. My family celebrates Twelfth Night and has since I was a little girl. We have a nice roasted dinner, this year it was venison. Our nativity set is moved to a place of prominance and the wise men get to the stable to see the baby Jesus. My great-grandmother started the tradition when I was around 4 or 5. When setting up her nativity, the wise men were put as far away as possible. Her reasoning was they traveled far and followed the star. It has been fun continuing this tradition in my own family. We see it as the time that ends the Christmas holiday.

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