Comparing Mormons and the Amish

Comparing Mormons and the Amish, 9.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings
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What happens when a columnist for the Salt Lake City Tribune heads to Amish country?  Well, he pens a column.  Keep in mind, this guy is attempting to be tongue and cheek and if you read it with that in mind, it’s a decent column. I did cringe a little when he makes some blatantly incorrect observations (I would quibble with his assertion, for instance, that “most Amish are armed.”  It is true that there are variations within the pacifist Amish church about gun ownership. Some fully embrace hunting, but others vehemently are against any type of gun ownership…so “most” is simply in accurate.)  Click here for this interesting read.  There’s really very little in common among the two religions other than in some sociological senses, but not much theological common ground.

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The Discussion

  1. I enjoy your newsletter and I enjoy this columnist who appears in the Deseret News. I’m Mormon and probably understand his humor easier. I’m sure he didn’t mean to misrepresent or insult the Amish. I just took it as the musings of a man who was having to pass time while his wife was in the fifth quilt shop looking for the perfect quilt. Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your daughter.

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    • Karen, thanks for the congrats! And, yes, I totally took the piece as sort of a humorous musings and wasn’t overly concerned with inaccuracies…just a few cringes in an otherwise harmless, light read!

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