Slightly Damaged Books – 10 Books

There are 10 titles in the set that you are ordering.  The set will be shipped to you sometime between now and March 31, 2014. Softcover book titles included in this set: The Best of The Amish Cook, Vol. 1,The Best of The Amish Cook, Vol 2, The Best of The Amish Cook, Vol 3, The Best of The Amish Cook, Vol 4,  The Amish Cook’s Family Favorites & Facts, The Amish Cook’s Treasury, The Amish Cook’s Everything But the Kitchen Sink Book, An Amish Christmas, The Amish Cook Cookbook, The Amish Recipe Project,  and the Williams Guide to Amish Country. Sets are slightly damaged.

To purchase, click the BUY NOW button above.  This link WILL BE DISABLED AS SOON AS THE SET SELLS.  You will be emailed a confirmation within 48 hours.



  1. Jan Cason

    Will these books ship from Amazon? If not, from where, please?

    1. Kevin

      Yes, Amazon

      1. Jan Cason

        Thank you.

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