Daviess County Rocks

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Caption: Amish men and county commissioners examine rock samples (Nate Smith photo – Washington Times Herald).

Horses have been coming up lame with increasing frequency on the rural roads of Daviess County, Indiana over the past year or so. The county had been pouring more, and larger, stones on the area’s roads to keep them from becoming muddy messes after rainstorms. Many Indiana counties don’t pave their most rural roads, instead opting for gravel or stone-spread roads. It just so happens these most rural of roads are often frequented by the Amish and the size of the stone can have implications for the horse’s hooves. The larger stones apparently can cause bruising on the some of the soft tissue in the hoof because of the way it might land on larger stones. The Amish and Daviess County commissioners came together to discuss the issue recently. Click here to read their conclusions about what kind of rock makes the best road.

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