Effective Reflective?

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Pictured below is a buggy from the Mt. Victory, Ohio Amish settlement.  Notice the silver strips on the back that serve as reflectors at night.  These strips are complemented by lit lanterns that hang from hooks on the sides of the buggy (you can sort of see one of the hooks at about 2 p.m. to the right silver strip). But the buggies in this particular community do not display the orange safety triangle which has been the cause of contention among Swartzentruber Amish in some states.  These Amish are not Swartzentruber, just very conservative.  I have seen buggies with these same silver strips but also displaying grey reflective tape along the back border of the buggy.  I think reflective tape in that manner is pretty effective.  The orange triangle is bright and visible, but there are other ways to keep buggies visible in the dark.  The bottom line: however these court cases shape up, you have to be alert while driving Amish country roads at night! Do not speed, keep your eyes on the road, and use common sense.

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  1. Arlene Morr says:

    I live just south of a Swartzentruber settlement on a state route and I must say that these people in that sect are NOTdriving buggies that are visible at night..there is also a curve in the road just north of me and many times I have feared for their lives especially at night as they “plod” along on a 45-55 MPH road…my feeling is that they should NOT be on the road in the dark…I have lived here for 52 years so am well acquainted with that sect !

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