Enjoy These Signs of the Amish….

Enjoy These Signs of the Amish...., 8.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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Amish businesses often lack the advertising budgets of other  Some larger Amish businesses do have larger budgets.  There is a billboard along I-275 in the eastern suburbs of Cincinnati for Miller’s Bakery & Furniture, an Amish business in Adams County, Ohio.  But for the most part, Amish-owned mom and pop businesses have to rely on often hand-scrawled or crudely constructed signs.  But this simplicity plays into the public perception of Amish simplicity, so sometimes these simple signs do more for a business than a huge marketing budget would.  Here are some signs from Amish businesses that I have taken over the years.  Perhaps you live near some of these signs…..

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  1. Andy and Brenda Miller says:

    Yes, we have watched Breaking Amish last season. A new season is beginning this weekend, I think. However, my husband was raised Amish and after watching the series last season, we feel it is a slap in the face of the Amish groups. The Amish we know are no where near like this. We don’t plan to watch the new season. Also, the series about the Amish Mafia is very much a hoax and likewise, is a definite slap in the face of the Amish. If anything close to this was actually happening, the law officials would know about it. This would not be allowed to go on if upper Amish knew about it.


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