Evangelizing Amish?

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The Old Order Amish historically have not been an evangelical church.  If an outsider wants to join the church that’s all fine and good, but you won’t see Amish people standing at O’Hare Airport handing out pamphlets and the like.  The New Order Amish, on the other hand, have a bit more of an evangelical streak as evidenced by this sign at the end of a driveway outside of Flat Rock, Illinois.  This is a New Order community and such signs are common at the end of driveways.  While this may not be overt evangelizing, it is a very visible religious display, something you wouldn’t generally see among the Old Order.  I have seen evidence that some of the Old Order Amish may be embracing evangelism more. An Amish man in Lindsey, Ontario’s Amish community had religious pamphlets that he was giving out, something I had not seen elsewhere. And an Amish woman in Unity, Maine says that they like each new settlement to serve as a “witness” to the world, serving as a religious role model for others to emulate.  And Unity does consider themselves Old Order.  Visitors are welcome to their church services and the service will be in English to be more accommodating.

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The Discussion

  1. Interesting about the folks in Unity Maine and welcoming outsiders to their church services.

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  2. I know some of the people in Flat Rock and that sounds about right. They are good about preaching in English if there is someone there who doesn’t understand the PA German. The Old Order German Baptists are kind of against evangelizing. I know a family who actually left because they had put pamphlets in their shop for people to take and the ministers got after them about it. They were told not to. So they left so that they could continue to share the Good News.

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  3. Diane Adelstone says:

    I have read that passage of scripture over and over again until I realized what “The Truth” really is….It is God through His son, Jesus the Christ. When we accept Jesus as Savior and Lord, we begin to know Him and the Father. He is the only one who sets the sinner free because of his life on earth and teachings fulfilling the law, his crucifixion, his going into Sheol to take captivity captive to bring them to paradise, and his resurrection and assension into heaven to be with the Father. We can truly know “The Truth”, Jesus Christ alone sets us free. We are ransomed and bought with the highest price, the Blood of God’s sacrificial Lamb.

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