Food Memories: One-Kettle Soup Recipe

one kettle oup recipe
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one kettle oup recipe Wow, this simple recipe takes me to a time when I was…younger.  Few other recipes – with the exception perhaps of oatmeal pie – do I associate more with my early memories of Elizabeth Coblentz, the original Amish Cook.  On my many visits (don’t mean to sound overly wistful, but I really do miss her and those frequent visits to her Indiana farmstead) to Elizabeth’s she would put on a pot of homemade “one kettle soup.”  I found this recipe tonight, slightly rumpled and dirty peeking out from me underneath a book in my office.  I hadn’t thought about it in years.  The recipe is written in Elizabeth’s hand (see photo) on a sheet with some other recipes. I think it was material for  a book we never wrote.  But it’s special because it’s in her own hand.  My guess is that she never actually used a recipe for the soup, she probably could have made it in her sleep.  The recipe itself is nothing amazing, it’s quite simple…it’s just the memories that go with it that make it such a tasty dish for me.  Maybe I’ll have to ask Lovina to put on a pot of one-kettle soup next time I visit her, just for old time’s sake.  Are there any favorite dishes of yours that maybe aren’t the most amazing culinary creations but they just have great memories associated with them?  If so, what are they?  Here is the recipe – a little sparse in instructions and measurements – just as Elizabeth wrote it.  You can figure out the specifics:)


1 quart of beef

4 potatoes or more, diced

1 package of noodles

salt and pepper to taste

1 onion

Cook potatoes, onions, and noodles together until done. Add beef or beef soup base to your taste.



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The Discussion

  1. Bean soup, with a bit of pork, carrots, onions, turnips. I made it tonight. Rosemary, summer savoury for seasoning.

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  2. Nancy LaLiberte says:

    Do you grow your own summer savoury? We have a difficult time finding it.

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  3. I have made her winter day soup, many times. Yum. Also the delicious peanut butter cookies. My grandchildren, and children request them often. Also many other recipes. I have a folder with her articles that came with her recipes.Not all of them but some. Don’t know why I saved them guess I just tthought it was a good idea.

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