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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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    Kate Sparks

    Would you share Rachel’s receipe for pizza? Or have you done so already?

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      What? No Flatizza for you?:) Here is Rachel’s recipe and a homemade Amish recipe http://www.amish365.com/plain-pizza/

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    If you read the book The Unhealthy Truth you will never eat at Subway……or eat Goldfish crackers…..or drink Gatorade….etc…etc…our FDA allows chemicals in our food that other countries say are against the law….a preservative that is a fire retardent…….

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    Joe Blust

    Kevin I completely agree with you. I also wanted to try the flatizza and got the 2 for 5 special. I got the cheese and pepperoni and boy was that a mistake. The girl couldn’t even cut the flat pizza with a pizza cutter it was so hard. Then they said they couldn’t put any sauce around the whole thing so 1 inch was only bread. I sent Sub Way a message telling them of my plight and all I got was ok Thank you. I have not been back to a Sub Way since. The only Sub Way that I would eat was the meat ball sub. which wasn’t bad, at least you got 8-9 meat balls and plenty of sauce to soak up the bun with. So Sub Way is out of the question and especially the flat bread stuff……

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      Good, another non-fan of the flatizza!:)

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    Linda from KY

    I actually like the Flatizza. The reason it’s called that is not to advertise that it’s flat, but because it’s prepared on flat bread instead of on a pizza crust. If you were expecting an actual pizza crust it’s little wonder you were disappointed.

    I tried it for the first time on Monday. I went for the 2 for $5 deal and bought the veggie and cheese version. I ate one and gave the other one to my daughter who works a couple of doors down from the Subway where I ate. We both enjoyed them very much.

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    I have tried the flatizza several times. I don’t care for the sauce. Mine was made with the veggies on top of the cheese with perhaps a little cheese on top of them. The sauce was spread out almost to the edges and the pizza was toasted crisp. Our Subways have not replaced the pizza with flatizza. The original round pizzas are still available. There seems to be no one way to make them, though, as each time I ordered on it was made a little differently in regards to number of each of the toppings and amount of extra cheese added. I am not thrilled with them because the sauce does not taste like pizza sauce and has a weird sweet taste, IMHO, but they are a cheap fast food alternative. I might try one again, but ask them to use the meatball sauce.

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      Good to know about the original round ones being available, because I do like those!:)


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