Fried Dandelions

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Fried Dandelions

By Kevin. L. Williams

Amish cooking has historically been self-sufficient and insular.  Foods were largely local, organic and fresh.
This has been changing as Amish culture has changed, but some seasonal staples are still highly regarded.  The lowly dandelion, for instance, is revered by many Plain people as something that can be made into a salad with the greens and the blossoms into jelly or even homemade wine. A peanut butter and dandelion jelly sandwich is delish!  But something that is so easy anyone can try it are fried dandelions, which are pictured above.  This is how Plain Kansas columnist, Rosanna Bauman describes “fried mushrooms”: 

“we have a special spring dish that is a traditional rite of spring at our place: fried dandelions!  We rinse the large blossoms, dip them In beaten egg and cracker crumbs, and fry in bacon grease. It may sound odd, but everyone likes them. I call them the Poor Man’s Mushrooms, because they have a similar taste to fried mushrooms, but without the slime.”‘

I’ve been wanting to try this because it sounds so easy but, of course, you want dandelions that haven’t been made toxic by neighbors spraying weed-killer on them.  That can be a challenge to find in the city.  If anyone tries these let us know how they turn out!

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The Discussion

  1. I have eaten fried dandelions all my life…… we used flour instead of crumbs, but they still taste like mushrooms….. delicious!! I hope to get some this spring in Indiana since there aren’t many dandelions in Florida.

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  2. Is there a recipe?

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  3. Nancy Franco says:

    So excited to run accross this…for a long while I was reading the Amish cook in the South Bend paper…til I stopped getting it….so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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