Gone, But Not Forgotten

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This was a little, non-descript Mom and Pop grocery store that once existed at the corner of Unity Road and Graces Run Road in Adams County, Ohio.  It was owned by non-Amish but since it occupies a prime corner of the Wheat Ridge Amish settlement, Amish customers were a fixture at the store. It was an old-time general store that sold a little bit of everything including copies of The Budget, the main Amish newspaper. Ryan’s Grocery was one of the places I was always sure to visit during my first sojourns to the Adams County Amish settlement (known as the Wheat Ridge community)  Well into the 90s they sold cold bottles of Coke in glass bottles (I know, the sign on the door says Pepsi, but they also sold Coke) and had old-fashioned manual cash register. I took this photo several years ago when the store was still hanging on, but I was sad to learn on my last visit to the area a few weeks ago that Ryan’s Grocery is now closed, shuttered after the death of 86-year-old Eugene Ryan in 2010 after running the market for 54 years.  Ryan’s was one of my favorite stops on the Adams County circuit, sad to see it closed.


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The Discussion

  1. Maybe some enterprising Amish family will take it over…

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  2. That’s too bad….hopefully someone will reopen it….wonder why someone in the family didn’t ?
    Maybe you could move down there Kevin and you and Rachel could open it…..you are so well known down there, you would do great business and you could still do what you’re doing now….just a thought…..

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