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Going fishing and being Amish are quite compatible. It’s a chance to get free food (as long as you don’t buy your bait) from nature’s bounty (catfish, bass) and spend time outdoors with family and friends in an environment that doesn’t require a lot of modern amenities.  Ice fishing is popular among the Amish in winter and during warm weather whole families get in on the fun.  This is a photo taken over the weekend at Indian Lake in Ohio.  I’m guessing that these Amish are from nearby Belle Center where open buggies are relatively common.  Thanks to Diann for the photo.

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The Discussion

  1. Linda B says:

    Are you sure that’s Indian Lake? Could it be Mountain Lake near Bellefontaine? Just curious …

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    • Linda, I’ll check with the woman who took the photograph, I was told it was Indian Lake, but maybe she was just using that as a general point of reference. I’ll ask!

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  2. Diann B. says:

    I took the photo and it was taken at Indian Lake. There were several groups of Amish at different spots around the lake.

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