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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Wendy

    Yep. Even a horse that’s been carefully conditioned to work in traffic can have an off day and react badly to sudden noise.

  2. Kentuckylady717

    Seems to me all the vehicles and the buggy were way too close to each other……or is it just me ?????

  3. Marilyn from NY

    I am glad you told me about not honking when passing a buggy. That is the first thing I would have done. Never thought that it would upset the horse. Now that you mention it-it makes sense.

  4. Elizabeth Meyers

    I am a truck driver in Ohio, and I have had many experiences with the Amish north of Urbana, OH, east and west of state route 68. They try to stay out of everyone’s way, and they ride with their right set of tires off into the grass. What more can they do? You, it must be remembered, are in THEIR neighborhood. As Alan Jackson famously sang, “Might as well share. Might as well smile. Life goes on for a little bitty while.”

  5. Susie MacDonald

    We frequent an Amish produce market a lot in the spring and summer. (Schmuckers by Milan Center in Indiana) My husband and I, both, will pass a horse and buggy very slowly so as not to scare the horse. And we don’t get too close behind them, either. Just have to use some common sense and a little courtesy of the road when coming upon a horse and buggy….especially with a family with a lot of children in the buggy, too.

  6. Elizabeth Meyers

    I wanted to post this picture of all the traffic on my FB page to remind my office friends to slow down after work. How can I transfer it over? I’m not very good with computers. I have sent you hand-written cards in the past, Kevin. My FB page is Elizabeth Allen Meyers. Thank you.

    1. Elizabeth Meyers

      It has shown up…… ;-}


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