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At the age of 17, Kevin Williams created The Amish Cook column.  He had rather by chance stumbled upon Old Order Amish grandmother and writer, Elizabeth Coblentz. Kevin was a young journalism student at the time and recognized Elizabeth’s potential to captivate a wider audience so he hired her to write a column. She began writing The Amish Cook and Kevin started syndicating it and selling it to newspapers. Within a few years it was seen in over 100 newspapers from coast to coast. All the while, Kevin began exploring Amish and other Plain settlements, writing about them, exploring their culinary customs, and just learning in general about the various differences found among the Amish.

I knew we would have a fairly large crowd….He’s (Williams) a very entertaining young man, and informative.

Ruth Voss, librarian, Faulkner County Public Library; quoted in the Log Cabin Democrat.

He’s been a featured speaker at many events and a panelist at the prestigious Erma Bombeck’s Writer’s Conference.

Kevin has authored or co-authored numerous books about Amish cooking and culture including some fiction.

Public Talks

Using a blend of humor and professorial knowledge, Kevin creates an interactive program that will captivate an audience of any type.  Kevin starts his presentation with a brief history of how he began this journey and then turns it over to the audience to ask questions about any aspect of Amish cooking or culture. Kevin has spent time in Amish settlements from Maine to Montana.  He’s visited one of the most remote Amish communities: Rexford, Montana while also spending plenty of time in the more populous places like Holmes County, Ohio and Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  Kevin has been to more different Amish settlements than almost anyone.

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  1. Pam Davis

    Please add me to your newsletter listings. Signing up here doesn’t work.

  2. Patricia mccurry

    Hey Kevin I grew up here in South Carolina and still live here.Ieard the expression what the sam hill long before the movie.we used it a lot at our house.I also hear I swan. and I declare bless you heart is a nother expression used a lot and I know there are more but cant recall them at the moment will send thiem along if I remember them really enjoy your blogs etc.have a blessed night ms pat mccurry

  3. Robert Cline


    You wrote an article about cancer clusters in Piketon, OH. I have tried to get data from CDC to analyze clusters of disease types by zip code. CDC refuses to release data. Instead, they publish disease data by state which is absolutely worthless.

    This is public data collected with public funds. How did you find the data for your article? Thank you. Robert


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