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The Hutterites represent one of the three branches of Anabaptism, the other are the Amish and Mennonites.  The Hutterites are generally lesser-known than their plain brethren.  Theologically the Hutterites share many similarities to the Amish, coming from the same Anabaptist religious movement.  Where they are most different is in their style of communal living.  Whereas the Amish and Mennonites form close-knit communities they are still very much individualistic and capitalistic.  The Hutterites live as one, in one sprawling compund.  Interestingly a few Amish religious leaders have tried to borrow traits from the Hutterites to form “religious communities”, but the experiments have generally not lasted (one still exists in Caneyville, Kentucky).  Like the Amish, the Hutterites dress plainly and speak a dialect of German.  They do, however, embrace most modern technology, although there are variations in colonies (some being more conservative, some more progressive).  And like the Amish they have been gradually shifting away from their agrarian roots to embrace more diversified income opportunities.  Hutterite colonies are generally found in the Dakotas, Montana and Candian provinces.  The CBC had a great story and video today about one Hutterite colony’s shift away from agrarianism and into manufacturing. Click here to watch.

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