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Mahlon Miller is an organic farmer, writer and teacher in Northern Indiana. He is Old Order Amish and teaches grades 1-8 in the nearby Amish schoolhouse. His column, Teacher Mahlon, appears occasionally on Amish365.com as he shares his insights and exploits from the school. Mahlon and his wife, Marietta, have five daughters.

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  1. 1

    lorraine stoddard

    Very interesting column. Looking forward to more articles from Teacher Mahlon! I like the mimi trash recepticles at each desk. Such a clever idea!

  2. 2


    I’m also looking forward to hearing more from Teacher Mahlon and learning more about Amish schools.
    I’m curious about the pattern on the ceiling- is it for decoration, or is it maybe a map of constellations?

    1. 2.1


      Debbie, oops, thanks for that question. I meant to address it in the text. Those are all “smiley faces” on the ceiling, makes for a very cheerful, welcoming classroom!

      1. 2.1.1


        What a nice touch to the classroom. :) Thanks!

  3. 3


    well, as long as it is in addition to Lovina and her family and never instead. this is when more is more..
    Thank you,Kevin and Happy Mother-to-be Day for Rachel

  4. 4

    Renee Workman

    Loved this new column by Teacher Mahlon! The poem was wonderful and brought a tear to my eye. Looking forward to reading more from him!

  5. 5

    Buddy Samuels

    what a great column. I went to college to become a schoolteacher, but I didn’t graduate. Teacher Mahlon, your students will long remember you and always love you and hold you in great esteem. Looking forward to reading next Friday’s column.

  6. 6


    Looking forward to more columns from teacher Mahlon!

  7. 7


    Found this a very nice addition! I love the way you are incorporating Rosanna, and Mr. Mahlon into our lives. I hope Lovina doesn’t get passed over! It is refreshing though, to hear of the variety of plain living… thanks Kevin!

    1. 7.1


      Thanks, Rhonda…and absolutely not, Lovina’s column is meant to be enriched and complemented by a variety of Plain voices…I want you to like all three equally!

  8. 8


    Like this!

  9. 9


    Great job, Mahlon (and Kevin). Your writing is really engaging. Enjoyed your article very much. I am a writer/editor and you’ve described the rewards and struggles of writing quite nicely. Look forward to reading more from you. Great job.

    Are there many male schoolteachers in the Amish community? I think you’re the first I’ve heard about.

    1. 9.1


      Shari, thanks for checking in, I hope you enjoy the columns in the weeks ahead. Yes, male school-teachers are quite common in Amish schools…seems maybe counter-intuitive, but it’s not at all unusual – Kevin

  10. 10

    Cindy D

    Like this. Looking forward to more!

  11. 11


    I enjoyed this. It is good to have different walks of life.
    Keep up the good work, Kevin

  12. 12


    I too am looking forward to more articles by teacher Mahlon. Thanks for clarifying the ceiling decor too…

  13. 13

    Ron Thomas

    Looks good.

  14. 14

    Carolyn Kirk

    Really enjoyed reading this article from Teacher Mahlon. Looking forward to many more!

  15. 15

    Linda from KY

    I thoroughly enjoyed Mahlon’s first column. His writing style is delightful, and he made me laugh. His poem brought tears to my eyes. I hope we hear from him every Friday from now on.

  16. 16

    Kathy Lorenzini

    I loved this column and am looking forward to reading more!

  17. 17

    sue harrity

    Kevin, what a nice addition, I read the amish column every week in our Somerset Daily American here in Somerset PA. And I just love the emails.. Only one thing though… Its highly addicting. Not only the column but the food too. I’ve made several of the recipes posted and YUMMY! Oh only one thing though, it doesnt help my hips nor my waist line HA HA :)
    Please wish Rachel a wonderful pregnancy. And a early mothers day! Take care across the miles!

    1. 17.1


      Sue, thank you so much for the kind words! I’ve always enjoyed my stops in Somerset over the years, it’s a beautiful area. And, yes, four more months to prepare for this little one!:) -Kevin

  18. 18

    Dennis Agin

    Enjoyed Teacher Mahlon column, hope he joins Rosanna & Lovina with a weekly column. Have followed Lovina & her Mother for many years, you are doing a great job Kevin, keep up the good work. You and your wife will make GREAT parents.

  19. 19


    Enjoyed this column very much and look forward to more. As a public school teacher, I love to learn about other types of schools — would love to have the opportunity to visit an Amish school.

    I loved what Teacher Mahlon had to say here: “At other jobs you rub elbows with your coworkers. At teaching you rub souls with your students and if you can come away unscathed you haven’t been teaching.” He sounds like a teacher at heart!

  20. 20

    Brenda Rife

    I am looking forward to weekly ‘visits’ from the teacher and students.

  21. 21

    Mary Neal

    Perfect comment: “Teaching school is something you never walk away from. At other jobs you rub elbows with your coworkers. At teaching you rub souls with your students and if you can come away unscathed you haven’t been teaching.” This is exactly how it is! Great column, I look forward to many more.

  22. 22


    Enjoyed reading about Teacher Mahlon, he’s very interesting…would like to see a close up of the Mini Trash Receptacles tho :) very good idea…..
    Hope you keep his article coming Kevin :)

  23. 23


    As a retired public school teacher, Malcom has won my heart.
    From the desks (the same as I had for years) to the emotions implied, I was ‘with him’ all the way.
    It has been interesting for me to keep in contact with former students via Facebook, They will always be my kids.

  24. 24


    Sorry about Mahon’s misspelled name. I could not figure out how to edit my comments after posting.,

  25. 25

    Colleen rohrer

    Dear Kevin, You have added another great column to The Amish Cook! Very enjoyable reading Mahlon! I look forward to checking your site often Kevin. I am not sure how I missed the news that you and Rachel are expecting a baby – CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will be a first-time Grandma December 9, we are very excited!! A newborn baby is a true miracle from God. My best to you and your wife as u become parents – it will be a wonderful time of your lives! Colleen Rohrer

  26. 26

    Mary Kay O'Neill

    I love this new addition. Until now I had thought that all teachers in Amish schools were women. How nice to have a man teaching the children. I’m sure his students love Teacher Mahlon. I hope he continues to teach at his school and also that he continues to write poetry.


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