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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Heather

    Well…there goes the diet. *L* Seeing these makes me want one. Too bad I can’t just reach into the screen and select one. Now…if we could only get the recipe. Uh. Hey Kevin? When’s your next visit to Adam’s County? A recipe would be great for those of us who can’t get there on our own. By the way. This website gets better and better every day! I’m still loving it!

  2. Linda from KY

    Those look just like the creme horns my grandmother used to buy for me at her local bakery. It’s closed now. I’ve had others, but they haven’t come close. I might just have to drive up there and see how they compare. My mouth is watering at the very thought!

  3. Diann

    The cream horns are delicious! I’ve been to Keim’s twice and bought them both times! :)

  4. Dianne

    You need to try their lemon turnovers. The best ever! I can’t get anything but those every time I go. Also, in the summer their homemade icecream is to die for. Last summer they had blackberry icecream. Yum. I’ll be back.


  5. Diana

    YUM! these cream horns look like the ones I remember from
    my childhood – crisp, light w/ the coarse sugar on the outside.

  6. Kenda Ross

    Kevin – I rec’de your letter yesterday as I posted to you the problem that your e-mails were coming via Spam. GREAT NEWS…this one came through correctly to my e-mails!! I have the cook books and miss the newspaper articles as I have now been on Social Security monies and had to cut somethings. Good luck in your continued endeavors!! Hello to the Amish families!! Would love to visit a community AND yes, I love Christ :}

  7. Sue Rockwell

    Kevin, something is wrong with your web site. Can’t get
    to Lovina’s letter? Keeps going to Kliens story.


    1. Kevin

      Sue, I am sorry for that error, here is the right link: http://www.oasisnewsfeatures.com/2012/03/05/march-5-2012/

  8. Barbara Thomas

    Dang, that is just hateful….or beautiful…or something that I would LOVE to try. Too bad we could not have a contest with that as the prize!!!!!

  9. Carol Morris

    Those pictures are atrocious because they look like they are right there waiting to be eaten! How cruel!! They have to be absolutely delicious.

  10. Jan Smith

    When I click on Lovinas column to read it, it sends me back to the Keim Family Market page. Whats going on?

  11. don krueger

    Can’t get connected to Lovinas letter???


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