Loretta Takes the Cake

Loretta Takes the Cake, 8.2 out of 10 based on 17 ratings
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Hard to believe that Lovina Eicher’s daughter Loretta turned 13 on July 1. This is the chocolate birthday cake that Lovina made for Loretta in honor of her advancing into her teens.  Birthdays are celebratory occasions among the Amish, a time to bake a cake and celebrate a person turning the page on another year.

The late Elizabeth Coblentz, who originally penned The Amish Cook, would turn 77 years old this July 18 if she were still alive.  I remember one year for her birthday I had a local bakery in my hometown create a gorgeous cake for her with the horse-and-buggy logo on it in dark-colored frosting against a white frosting backdrop.

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The Discussion

  1. hope sashes had a grand birthday!

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  2. should of read…hope she had a grand birthday ! oh, my…..

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  3. What a beautiful cake! It looks yummy!! HAPPY 13th BIRTHDAY LORETTA!!

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  4. Theresa says:

    Happy Birthday to you Loretta!!! Hope everything you wish for comes true.

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  5. lorraine stoddard says:

    A very Happy Birthday to Loretta! May all your wishes come true! A beautiful cake!

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