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Most of you coming to this site have heard of The Budget, the venerable Sugarcreek, Ohio-based newspaper that connects Amish and Mennonite settlements through the states.  Some of you have heard of other Amish-oriented newspapers like Die Botschaft which also serve the Amish settlements albeit in German, whereas The Budget is printed in English.  The German Baptists have their own paper, The Vindicator and the Mennonites have several of their own.  One of them is called Die Mennonitische Post and there is a neat article this week on about the newspaper.  As a veteran of the old print newspaper industry, it is nice to read about people who still find the paper so relevant.  Die Mennonitische Post connects Mennonites in Canada with the colonies in Mexico and South America.  Click here for an interesting read about the paper and the people it serves.

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The Discussion

  1. I just had to make a slight correction. Die Botschaft serves only the Old Order Amish population and, despite its German title, is printed in English just like The Budget. I am a subscriber and actually generally prefer it to The Budget as it is more manageable and has stricter regulations on advertisements.

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    • Karen, is there a German-language version of that paper? I may be confusing it with another Amish newspaper…

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    • Susan GIll says:

      I subscribed to Die Botschaft for many years and Karen is right it is in English, although the paper’s name means the Messenger in German. Anyhow, it is not a paper printed exclusively for the Amish as many of the scribes featured are Old Order Mennonites. I know several personally . But the paper does serve the Old Order of both Amish and Mennonite exclusively.

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