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I usually do this on the weekends, but it was kind of a busy one and there just wasn’t much interesting in the blogosphere to share. But here are a few highlights you might want to check out:

RURAL ROADS OF NEW YORK:  Let’s catch up with Tom the Backroads Traveler again and look at some of his gorgeous, stirring scenes of rural New York. They aren’t Amish photos per se, but they capture the Empire State countryside that has been such a draw to the Amish of late.  Just superb photography and, honestly, looking at them makes me just want to jump in my car and lose myself on the back-roads of the Empire State. Click here to see the photos.

AMISH HOT MILK SPONGE CAKE: I ran into this recipe on a blog over the weekend.  I’m not personally familiar with this dish but it sounds like one of those from-scratch confections that some Amish would embrace especially during more lean times. Click here for the recipe.

AMISH CHICKEN:  This was a recipe I saw posted on a website over the weekend. Very typical Old Order Amish kitchen chicken supper.  Click here for the recipe.

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The Discussion

  1. Kevin,
    When views on my blog increase I search around to find the source. Thank you so much. Come to New York State and I will show you my favorite areas. Have a nice week.
    Tom The Backroads Traveller

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