Miniature Pony

miniature pony for training amish kids
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miniature pony for training amish kids

I thought I would share this photo with everyone.  This is “Minnie”, a miniature pony that belongs to someone in the Eicher’s church.  Susan Eicher, 16, loves horses and ponies. She is getting her start training smaller ponies and horses.  She has a real talent and touch with horses.  Miniature horses and ponies are sort of like “training wheel bikes” for Amish children. Working with them provides valuable experience for graduating on to full-size horses and large livestock.  Most of Lovina’s children – girls and boys – learned to drive first with a pony and pony cart.  Sheesh, this is a tiny horse. Note the horse’s stature in relation to the dog or the Eicher boys in the background.


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The Discussion

  1. It is so adorable and it can come live with me if it feels unloved.

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  2. Oh my gosh, how adorable!!

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