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Just a few recommendations for those seeking fun reads in the blogosphere. I really like the blog “Spain in Iowa”, the author combines simplicity, Midwestern sensibility, with a splash of Spain.  The result is some wonderful recipes, great photography, and musings on simple living.  Check out “Spain in Iowa by clicking here.

One of my favorite blogs, as many of you know, is Little House Living.  Today Merissa posted a recipe and how-to-video to make homemade gummy bears.  How cool is that?  Check it out here.

And from within our own ranks of readers, I discovered “The Accidental Anabaptist” blog this evening.  I am not a theologian, my interest in the Amish comes from much more of a pop culture perspective.  The Accidental Anabaptist deals with some of the theological elements of the movement that I don’t often address, so check Kelly’s blog out here.


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  1. Kelly is great. She is lively and fun.

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