More Eye Candy: Gingerbread-Raspberry Whoopie Pies

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I posted last week about a place in Dayton that I’ve found to procure wonderful whoopie pies.   This shop’s presence is a great way to get me to accompany my wife to the Second Street Market in downtown Dayton each week where she operates a wild bird seed and supply booth.   The whoopie pies come from a booth called Thistle and this week I had to choose between a traditional chocolate and vanilla whoopie pie or the more offbeat gingerbread with raspberry filling.  Guess which I chose?

One word to describe it: YUM!  You can read more about Thistle on the owner’s blog.  The whoopie pies are not your typical Amish-made heavy confections loaded with lard and the size of a dinner plate.  These are more manageable, a more contemporary twist on the Amish version.

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The Discussion

  1. Question. In the normal whoopie pies is the filling the marshmellow fluff that they use in the penut butter and syrup mix or is in icing?
    The ones above sound delicious.

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    • Nancy, good question..among the Amish the variations are many…typically it is an icing on the inside made with confectioner’s sugar, although certainly marshmallow fluff is used in some versions. The ones at Thistle, I’m not sure what uses for her filling..I will try to find out! – Kevin
      Kevin recently posted..More Eye Candy: Gingerbread-Raspberry Whoopie PiesMy Profile

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  2. Oh my, does this whoopie look delicious? So you chose this one eh ? I’d say good choice….
    So does your wife know a lot about birds ? Maybe she can answer a question for me….have these 2 birds (kinda big with a rust color breast) wake me up every morning pecking on my glass storm door and pooping all over the porch :( what can I do to get them to stay away ????? everyday this week, I have scrubbed my front porch….CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ?????? Thanks

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  3. Hi Mona, I’m not sure what birds you are describing, but they could be Robins or Eastern Towhees. If they are pecking at the window they may be seeing their reflection and thinking a rival bird is in their territory. You could try taping a piece of paper to the window in the spot they frequent so they no longer see their reflection. Another way to encourage them to go elsewhere would be to hang some shiny ribbons from the top of the door and draping down, the reflection of light and movement may scare them away. Hope that helps!

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